Story of NRI girl and her poolajada

“Anu could barely contain her excitement! She has come to her grand ma’s house in India from USA for vacation. Her grandma took one look at her gorgeous long dark hair that looked like cascading chocolate waterfall and announced that she would help her wear?jasmine poolajada for her, the next day. Hearing that, Anu was totally overjoyed. She had heard enough stories of lovely poolajadas her grand mother used to make for her moms and aunts. She has secretly longed for one. And now, finally she is going to be adorned with floral poolajada for the first time in her life.kids_poolajada

She got up early in the morning and ran behind her grandma to the garden. In soft light of early morning sun the jasmines looked like dazzling stars that came down to brighten the garden. After collecting enough flowers for her poola jada, her grandma handed over flowers and poolajada making to her daughter! She knows she could pass on the skill to next generation only by practice. Anu was astounded when she saw how deftly her mother?made a poolajada. Post lunch, Anu wore her favorite peacock blue pattu paavda and her grandma very lovingly styled her hair into a single braid and then adorned it with jasmine poolajada. Anu looked into the mirror and saw a traditional Indian girl smiling at her!”kids_poolajada2

Poolajada is an age old tradition but for many it’s a fragrant childhood memory! The best thing about this custom is that it makes a little girl feel like a princess without much effort. In today’s world when large gardens have become a rarity and apartments have become the norm of life, ready made poolajadas are a blessing in disguise. This venture was started to keep this fragrant tradition alive and help make beautiful memories that last forever.’

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Beautiful Video by : Bohra Sisters
Blog by: Lakshmi Arya