10- Beautiful Wedding Poola jada designs for Your Wedding:

Selecting Wedding Poolajada: Seeing the catalog with many designs, generally brides get confused which poola jada to wear for their wedding. It is always advisable to use single piece jada, as maintaining jada during saree change is easy. It is little heavier than conventional poolajada, but once the jada is fixed to hair, you can forget about billas turning here and there or the flowers dropping off during saree changes.

Colors: Practically poolajada can be made in any color, but Red poola jada stays fresh for long. Purple?poolajada made with orchids also stays fresh for longer time. Orange, yellow, pink and peach color poolajadas wither faster , so exercise little caution when you order these color poolajada.

Fixing on Hair: These single piece jadas can?stictched by us on netted savaram which can just be tied on the top of braided hair, which is generally the trend in Bangalore. Advantage of such jadas is, no need to wear an extra savaram. But the disadvantage, if your beautician doesn’t tie it properly, it can come off anytime. Check with your poola jada maker if you would like to utilize the option of stitching poola jada on braided- Netted hair- Jadakuppulu set, (For an extra charge of 400/- Rs for jada kuppulu savaram set) . This poola jada – PPJ105 is made on savaram- jadakuppulu set.

Code: PPJ105 Cost: Rs 3000/-


Code: PPJ033, Cost: Rs 3400/-
This poola jada with traditional round at top makes it easy to fix the venis. This jada is stitched on a base with threads provided from top to bottom, for ease of fixing the jada.

Code: PPJ091 Cost: Rs 2800/-
White and Red lomg poola jada with white venis?and temple jada billa is the choice of many brides this wedding season.


Netted Poolajada:
Many young girls, when they see our page, they get so much attracted to Netted jada, that they decide that they will wear the same for their wedding. But Team the Netted poola jada with gold jada or jasmine with golden net, or Net on rolled rosepetals, to get the heavy look for wedding.



Bangle Jada:
Its my personal favourite, with poola jada being made in any color choice without worrying about flowers getting withered, .?PPJ129- Bangle jada- Cost: Rs 2800/- Though looks like billa jada, this acts as a single piece jada with bangles supporting each billa and prevents billas from turning.


PPJ045: Cost Rs 2700/-
Most popular poolajada with heavy venis and temple jada billas

Code: PPJ093- Cost: Rs 3000/-
Golden poolajada with woven chains between each billa to highlight constrast black color of hair.


Check our catalog for other designs, which you may like to wear for your wedding day memories special.