Pellipoolajada in USA- Jewelblooms:?

Pellipoolajada USA- branch is named as Jewelblooms?, with branches at Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas. Pellipoolajada USA team is managed and led by UdayaSree Sravanam. ?As the availability of Indian flowers and Jasmine are limited, orders are taken for few models. Indians settled in USA with second and third generation getting married in USA, we are getting requests to supply all Indian wedding accessories.

To cater to Indian wedding accessories requirement, we at?jewelblooms?are taking orders for

  1. Fresh Flower poolajada
  2. Fresh flower jewellery
  3. Kobbari bondam
  4. Garigamuntha
  5. Addutera
  6. pellibutta
  7. Kobbari kudukalu
  8. Ungarala Bindi
  9. Talambrala butta
  10. Karpuram and Elaichi garlands

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Here are some of the pictures of our clients who ordered Jewelblooms products from different branches:

1.Fresh Flower Poolajada:

Fresh flower poolajada with gold roses is famous with USA clients, after our first client Sravya booked the jada. Now the jada is most popularly called Sravya- jada in USA branches




2. Netted Poolajada:

Netted poolajada is the most famous poolajada in in India, and being in USA, availabilty of netted flowers is difficult. Brides try the option of artificial floral net for jada and fresh flower veni. Here is the picture of bride who opted for netted poolajada


3. Kobbari Bondam:

Texas Branch manager Deepa does kobbari bondam for all USA branches and she has received good reviews for the floral work done for Jewelblooms for local temples.


4. Flower Jewellery?:

Fresh flower jewellery with berries, beads and buds is just getting famous with Indian clients. Photoshoot by Deepa Texas branch with beautiful pictures from




5. Voni Functions & Seemantham :

Poolajada for voni function and seemantam are other occasions where poolajada is ordered from Jewelblooms


Fresh flower poolajadalu are made in USA at local branches of Jewelblooms, so the flowers, look and feel are different from Indian flowers. Colors and fresh ness also differs based on the shipping mode selected. Overnight shipping is done for all locations in USA.

To order:?

Massachusetts:?Udaya: Ph : 1 877 827 4085 Ext 1
Texas:?Deepa:?Ph : 1 877 827 4085 Ext 2
Georgia:?Siri :?Ph : 1 877 827 4085 Ext 3
Illinois:?Chandini :?Ph : 1 877 827 4085 Ext 4