Bride with Kobbaribondam:

Telugu bride cannot be imagined without a tender coconut in her hand. A coconut- Sriphal is the fruit of God . Kobbari bondam- Tender coconut is carried by Telugu bride in her hand is the traditional way of carrying lord’s blessings along with her to wedding mandapam. Gone are the days where a simple kobbari bondam was carried by bride. Now kobbaribondam decoration is equally important as designer-blouse work.  We at Pellipoolajada are experts in kobbari bondam decoration with price starting from Rs 500/- to 2000/-  Here are some beautiful pictures of real-life Telugu brides who opted for decorated kobbari bondam for their wedding.

Names Kobbari bondam: 
Names of Bride and Groom written in heart shape on kobbari bondam with decorated muchuku is very famous in Telangana districts. Beautifully decorated coconut in Telugu bride’s hands will bring beauty to bride’s wedding attire and is the perfect prop for photographer.


 Lotus Theme Kobbari bondam :
Lord Ganesha/ Lakshmi Devi idol on  kundan- Lotus with full white kundan work around the lotus is the choice of brides looking for rich- kobbaribondam design.


SeetaRamulu kobbaribondam :

Every girl of marriageable age would dream of an ideal husband like Rama and so is the seeta-rama kobbaribondam is famous with the brides


Whether the bride is in Pallaki, or during Gowri-Puja, Kobbaribondam gives her company


Rose petal Rain- Welcoming the bride with kobbaribondam


Moments before Jeelakarra- bellam ceremony, a Shy-bride carrying kobbari bondam in her hand with her parents.


Happy bride with Peacock- kobbari bondam, can see her happiness in picture


Bride carrying Sankham-Chakram-Naamam kobbari bondam accompanied by Paternal Aunts to wedding hall in mallepoovu pandiri


And Why should bride’s have all the decorated stuff 🙂 ?? Generally bridegroom’s dont  give much importance to decorated stuff and they dont order for kobbari bondam decoration, and it is the bride who mostly orders for Groom’s kobbari bondam also. So when you order a beautiful bondam for yourself, dont forget to order it is a pair!!!!


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