Bride and Mirror Story:?

Marriage is one of the most special and delightful occasions in every womans life. So, on this day it is only natural if she wants to look special and different from all the others present on her wedding day. Apart from wedding outfits, Bridal hairstyle and make-up play an important role in giving the bride the perfect look. Mirrors are girls best friends, and if it is her wedding day then, the mirror reflects “Pellikala” as said in Telugu

Silkworms spun the dress I wore,
Mermaids adorned me with precious pearls from the Sea,
Gifted by the Pellipoolajada, orchid flowers ?graced my hair?
Tinkerbell gave me the wings by sprinkling pixie dust,
I was waiting for my prince charming in white and he arrived as soon as autumn did!

Here are some pictures of beautiful brides in front of mirrors. With fresh flowers in hair and flawless make-up, these brides gave awesome poses for the photographer to capture the candid shots.



  1. Reflection of Bride arranging the papidibilla in miror with poolajada in Focus is one of the favourite shots of photographers. If you have ordered a designer poolajada from Pellipoolajada, then dont forget to take a picture2.?Bride giving final touch up’s to kalyana tilakam is captured naturally by photographerblog5_2

    3. Editing of poolajada and bride in color and rest in black-white photography highlights?the editing skills of photographer.


4.?Bride arranging her necklace?with bride highlighted?and reflection of her poolajada in?mirror is the beauty of the picture


5.?Bride in focus and reflection in mirror blurred and vice-versa…and collage of these two thats a wonderful idea resulted in beautiful collage, which every bride wearing poolajada must take on her wedding day


6. These are some candid pictures?where the bride is enjoying and contemplating the moments before her wedding in front of mirror…



And for the bride’s sisters and cousis, with no access to mirror which is booked for bride, here is the omni-present mobile…which acts as mirror with front camera for the candid shoots….


It is a great compliment as poolajada maker?to see a happy?bride?when she looks happy in the?mirror?on her wedding day.?Many women dream about this day since it is truly the day that will be remembered for years to come. It is a day where I have the opportunity to make someone feel their most beautiful for their partner ?& before they commit themselves to the person they love.


Dont forget to check if your bridal?room has a big size mirror and dont forget to take such pictures and send us to inspire us.