11-Movie scenes which would have looked Awesome if they have opted for Designer Wedding accessories from Pellipoolajada:?

Its absolutely true that any girl watching movie would definitely watch what Lead actress is wearing, and other characters are wearing. Designers take special care in designing movie actresses dresses as they become popular with movie name giving much name and fame to designer. Remember kajal aggarwal’s dress in DDLJ, K3G Sarees ?

After I came to this profession,i started observing what movie actresses are wearing during wedding scenes. Telugu movies like Varudu, Sasirekha parinayam and Mogudu , where the movie has an important wedding event, attention has been given to bride’s dress but not hair accessories, flowers or wedding accessories.

Here is small attempt to show, how pellipoolajada would have set a trend to these wedding accessories in movies, had we given a chance to design wedding accessories for these movies. Some of these movies released before we entered this profession, and some after we started Pellipoolajada. People get inspired by latest fashion and trends in modeling , Short-moviesor movies.

Main concern in movies is the front look of actress, so 4-5 strands of jasmine is freely flowing on both side of shoulders are commonly used. But, now a days, no Telugu bride prefers such look and use neatly made venis. Using Kanakambaram/ lily poolajada/ chamanti poolajada or poolajada with woollen is fully out of fashion with present day brides, but still can be seen in movie weddings.

  1. Imagine Tapsee wearing beautiful poolajada for mogudu movie, and how the look would have been transformed with a wonderful poolajada


2. Bhanushree Mehta’s attire and jewellery taken care of perfectly in varudu movie, but she is holding a plain kobbari bondam… Imagine her carrying a netted bondam or Seetarama bondam.

3. My favourite Raj-Tarun and Avikagor’s of “Uyyala Jampala” wearing outdated Karpuram garlands in movie happy ending scene. How about dress matching designer karpuram garlands??Telugubride9-800x600

4. Sruthi Hasan for a Wedding modeling shoot wearing simple flowers, it would have been great if she used colorful venis matching her dress or contrast poolajada


5 . Same with Murari movie and Prayanam short movie. If a golden net is woven around jasmine, it will be more tidier and upto date.


6. ?Neatly arranged koppu for Kajal aggarwal would b much more beautiful with rose petal veni.


7.Flower Jewellery of Kangana in Queen


Other designs for Movie-brides which would have definetely set the trend





Not all movie poolajadas are outdated, but Bahubali flower jewellery and Nestle- 100 years ad portrayed fresh fashion.

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Photocredits: Movie wall papers- Google

P.S: This is just an attempt to show the latest trend, not to hurt anyone’s feelings.