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PPJ-152  Billa Type Jada, Looks best with Violet-Green or Blue colors

Occasion: Wedding , Engagement, Seematham, Half-saree function, Barasala , Kids- first birthday

Venis: (Top portion of  poolajada)
1. Fresh Flower Jasmine Veni -1
2. Orchid/ Rose petal Flat-veni with jasmine in between
Extra venis are charged extra price

10 flowers given standard size
Please arrange with 1- 1/2 inch gap between each billa, which highlights the beauty of poolajada

Notes about Freshness :
1.. Violet Orchid veni stay fresh for longer
2. Blue and Green are natural flowers colored with artificial dye which doesn’t stick to hair
3. Poolajada stays maximum of 6-8 hrs fresh after wearing in Air conditioned function hall

Please mention
1. Veni colors in comments when you order
2. Your height.

Storage Instructions:
1. Store fresh flower poolajada box in refrigerator crisper (where vegetables are stored) not in **freezer (where ice is made)
2. Fresh flower Poolajada stays fresh for maximum 3 days if refrigerated under 10-20 Deg C, but we recommend you use it as soon as possible

Poolajada delivery to be planned atleast 4 hours before the make-up time.


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