Gold Jadas speak nothing but of grandeur and elegance. Can we confidently say that it is one of the most wish-listed items for the bride?  With the gold prices skyrocketing, having a huge investment piece like the gold Jada calls for optimizing its use with various styling techniques so that it suits all your special occasion looks.

Gone are the days where Gold Jada means styling it with a strand or two of jasmine garlands. Let us show you all the various options to style your gold Jada to best suit your bridal look.

The first in this list is the classic red and green bridal look. This look comes with a set of 3 venis which are very similar to our classic wedding poola jada design. The top red veni is enclosed in the jasmine jaal followed by two jasmine venis to complete the ensemble.


While the red and green is always a classic bridal combo, we see so many brides levitating towards fun pastel hues for their ceremonies. This set is exclusive to them. The venis you see here are made of the delicate baby breath and white lilies to tie it all together for a simple, subtle look .


Our next top pick is undoubtedly our favorite! It is a beautiful amalgamation of the floral and the gold Jada. Can’t believe it? You gotta see it . This jada has floral elements running all along the Jada to give it a uniqueness of its own. The venis too are designed carefully, keeping them all in the same size for a visual treat.


Here are some more of our favorite designs suitable for gold jada and which could spark your imagination for the endless possibilities of styling your Gold jada.

If you are interested in any of the designs shown here or you have any enquiries regarding our products, please feel free to reach out to your nearest Pelli poola jada branch manager or DM us and we will respond to you shortly.

Blogger: Poojitha