Unlike many other cultures, Indian weddings are not one and done ceremonies. We love to extend our celebrations across days to cherish every moment of the holy matrimony. Having said that, you know what calls for multiple ceremonies? Of course, multiple bridal looks suiting the occasion.

While outfits and Jewelry is one thing, deciding on the bridal hairstyles is a whole other ball game. While long braids with poola jada are a unanimous choice for the actual wedding ceremony, we found these messy braids trending for ceremonies ranging from Engagement to Mehndi and Sangeet.

Messy braids are such a versatile hairstyle which suits all face frames and a ton of volume to your hairstyle. Additionally you can accessorize them with a range of floral jewelry from pelli poola jada.

Here are our top picks of floral jewelry for the hairstyle of your dreams. The first is our classic veni and 6 piece bunches. This accessory set is designed to match the outfit of the bride. A top veni designed with yellow and blue flowers studded in a thick bed of baby breath foliage. A set of 6 bunches for the rest of the braid are made from the same combination used in the veni.

Orchids are pretty much everyone’s favorite and we can’t stop swooning over this amazing orchid floral set. If you are a bride with an outfit in hues of pink, this is your sign to get the Orchid floral set and dazzle your look on your special day.

If you a classy minimalist, Brides! This is for you! The bride shown here opted for only a top Clip style piece and styled the rest of the braid with some bling jewelry. So classy yet so chic! Also these floral clips are  great as party or mehndi favors. So ordering them in bulk would be a great option if you are considering the design.

The waterfall braid is just all rage this wedding season. Let’s just say this is a gypsy version of your traditional jada and we are in an instant love with the same. This design allows so much room for customization in various colors making it a great choice if you are looking for something unique.

While there are a ton of designs available, here are some more of the designs for your visual treat.

Which one is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments and if you are interested in any of these designs for your upcoming occasion, feel free to DM us and we will be happy to help you with your enquiries and customization needs.

Blogger Poojitha