Greeting everyone!! Welcome to your weekly dose of bridal inspiration from the desk of pelli poola jada and today we are up for something classic and exciting. Well, we are talking about our most loved accessory, the poola jada.

When we first started Pelli Poola Jada , we would have never imagined that we would able to come up with so many unique designs and it is only ever growing. And that brings us to where we are now!! So today, we are exploring some of our brand new designs in poola jada which we bet will make your heart sing symphony.

Probably no introduction is needed for our ever-versatile net poola jada and here is a version of it, which we are sure you would love dearly. The net poola jada has now got a pretty glow up in gold and studded with Jada billas. A great option for brides who are wearing offbeat wedding colors in their ensemble.

Noting matches the beauty of a quintessential south Indian bride. The netthi chutti, temple jewelry, the magical Kanjivaram sarees and not to forget the beautiful long braid. Does this vibe speak to you? Then we bet this gold motif Jada is undoubtedly for you. This jada is designed around kundan Jada billas, which blends into the attire effortlessly an=nd the best part? You can reuse the Jada billas again after your event too. Now, that is a smart choice ladies, Isn’t it?

There is one Jada, this season that can make us do a little dance on the inside, this is it! Brides who go all out and experiment with different colors, designs and textures. Well this bride here is everything we just said. Her jada is completely done in copper sulpate blue and gold florets which is a perfect match to her saree. For brides who have a single attire event, choosing something exclusive for their attire will surely make a world of difference.

The next design is an ode to the poola jada how have always known it. Remember those summer days at your paati’s for the annual tradition of poola jada. Patiently sitting hours to get your jada done and taking a picture against the mirror to show off your jadai. Well, this jada is exactly that, a trip down your memory lane, but without the heaviness or you having to sit for hours to get it done. Win-Win all the way!

Do you know we do have reusable artificial poola jadas too? Yes we do!  And the best part is, they don’t even look like they are artificial. An option designed keeping in mind of the brides living abroad or in places where they do not have access to fresh flowers and this is a huge hit. Also great for little girls, who would want to play dress up  every now and then and would love wearing a poola jada. This surely is an investment piece, which pays back in return every time you wear it.

How did you like our designs today? We hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, queries or enquiries, Please reach out to your nearest Pelli Poola jada  branch or DM us for more info.

Blogger : Poojitha