Hello everyone, we are back with some brand new content for Pelli Poola jada, but before we look into that, in the current situations we hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

The global Pandemic has given new meaning to weddings and other important occasions. Intimate weddings have now become the norm and that does not water down the zeal or the creativity of the brides to go get their dream wedding styles.

So, In this series we talk about the latest Haldi /Nalugu ceremony floral jewelry styles, so that you can save them on your Pinterest/ wedding vision boards.

Our first bride you see here is wearing a minimalistic floral jewelry design. This is a latest preference by brides, who love to keep it light and yet make a statement. This consists only of one neckpiece in a choker style, instead of two and does not have the waist belt in the set, making it a perfect ensemble for brides opting for a long gown or a one-piece dress for their haldi ceremony.

While Baby breath filled English flower strings have outshone so many times as wedding flowers, it only makes sense that they are now also requested as Haldi floral jewelry .Primarily consisting of a neckpiece and earrings combo, this is also great for brides who believe less is more.

But hey, if you are a bride who loves keeping things true to the tradition and likes to go all in, we did add a lot of new designs in the accessory set and this dual tone set is something which has the heart of the 2021 brides. When it comes to choosing these accessories, remember that the team can customize any design in any color/ pattern. Your wish is our command and our branch managers will be able to assist you with all your customization needs.

Gota patti, though a north Indian styling accessory, is much loved by our South Indian brides in recent years. Adding here a floral accessory set with a touch of Gota Patti on the motifs, but you can still do so much with Gota Patti and create a distinguished style statement for your haldi.

Alas, we reached the end for today’s style series. However, we will be back to greet you very soon. If you love and want to consider any of the above designs or have any queries regarding the floral accessories, feel free to reach your nearest Β Pelli poola Jada branch or DM us and we would be happy to help you.

Blogger : Poojitha