There are only very few hair styles that cross our mind when we talk about wearing wreaths and flowers. The most common of all is the regular plait. Long plait with extensions and flowers is the classic style of hairstyle for Indian events. However, a modern girl who loves her curls, loose hair and simple hair style would definitely want to look for options that gives a fusion look. If carrying a long plait is not your cup of tea, then curls and baby breathe flowers are gonna steal your heart away. 

Well, who doesn’t love curls. At some point of life, we have all imagined ourselves as Cinderella or Snow White or any Disney Princess with wavy hairs dropping on our shoulders like a soft silk. Adding a wreath of baby breath flowers and few tiny bunch in the hair makes it breathtakingly beautiful. Voila! It’s that simple yet elegant. Styling the wreath and adding few bunches in the length of the hair can be totally customized as per your outfit and taste. 

Here are some of the hairstyles our lovely clients have worn during their events. Though they look strikingly similar, they are very different in their styling. You may go with flowers that match your outfit or opt for contrast colours. Irrespective of those, curls and baby breath flowers are enticingly beautiful.

Availability of several colours in these flowers makes it versatile and can be matched with  the outfit. On the other hand, simple white flowers can be added which resemble stars in the sky. Curls and baby wreath flowers are more suitable for outfits with falling/Georgette material than the traditional pattus or kanjeevarams. Talking about the events, you can comfortably go for this hairstyle for sangeet, Mehendi, bridal events and reception functions where physical activities is high. With music and dance, a heavy plait is challenging to carry throughout the event and curls are easy to carry and you can participate carefree without the fear of extensions dropping or turning messy.