It took me more than two days to find an appropriate introduction for these beauties. It’s challenging to find words to describe something that in itself is used at times to appreciate and compare beautiful things. From featuring in decorations to sporting in our hair, the journey of orchids has been endearing. With myriad colours and vivid hues, these tropical flowers are diverse, exotic and comprehensive. Availability of these flowers in a wide range of colour palettes makes it easy to accommodate them in any colour themes and architectures.

Thanks to the hybrid varieties and new techniques in horticulture, we are able to wear and see all types of flowers mostly throughout the year. But, availability of popular Indian flowers like jasmines, marigolds..etc is seasonal. Indian women wear flowers exorbitantly,  especially jasmines and crossandra. There are hairstyles which require strong stems and long lasting petals. Orchids are the best for such hair styles with scintillating fragrance and longevity. 

Be it a bun, fish tail, French plait, braids or Indian plait, Orchids gel well with everything. You can wear them irrespective of the type of event – Hindu wedding, Christian wedding, receptions, cocktail, Mehendi, sangeet and what not. Versatility and their presence throughout the world is what it makes the orchids special. 

Hairstyles with orchids is a huge topic to discuss and we cannot miss out on the beauty of orchids poolajada. The orchid petal wreath is a huge hit with the brides. 

The resilient nature of the petal makes it easy to blend and weave wreaths, jada billalu in combination with other flowers. Besides, the flexibility of these flowers allows us to experiment them in different sizes and shapes. You can match them with pink, magenta, purple shade sarees or go completely with the contrast colour. 

We shall be ever thankful to these beauties for saving us in the absence of jasmines and marigolds, becoming part of our traditions, blending smoothly in our decorations and their effervescence.Β 

Blog by Sindhura