Life takes you by surprise when you least expect it. Friendship, love and marriage are magical and they have their perfect timing to enter our lives. What’s more exciting than marrying your childhood friend? Here is the journey of the couple Rishitha and Phani. 

The story dates back to year 2003 when Rishitha and Phani met for the first time in their native village. That year’s summer holidays swept away with playing and enjoying in each other’s company. They made beautiful memories. After the holidays, they left to their respective cities- Phani to Hyderabad and Rishitha to Vizag. 

They never got a chance to meet after that and got busy in their own lives. Bride Rishitha describes her second interaction with phani in her words as “magical”. She says “After 12 years, unexpectedly we met again at the same place and had a glimpse of our childhood memories in our mind when we saw each other. It was magical when we spoke and realized we remember everything about those holidays”. 

While Phani was doing masters in canada and Rishitha was completing her bachelors in india. They used to interact on phone sometimes and share about their college and friends.

Years passed by and in November 2018, Rishitha’s father came up to her with the proposal of Phani. That is the moment Rishitha felt butterflies in her stomach and believed destiny wanted them to bond together. The feeling was mutual for Phani too. The two families felt happy once the two said “yes”. 

Rishitha says “On Dec 12, 2019 we got married. It felt like everyone came together to celebrate the 17 years of our story. Our wedding was what dreams are made of. And will never forget my walk towards the mandapa as a bride and from being Ms to Mrs”. 

We look at some couple and instantly feel they are made for each other. Looking at the adorable pictures of Bride Rishitha and Groom Phani, it felt that they are meant to be together. The pictures of the two are so incredible that you feel like looking at them again and again. The credit for clicking such beautiful pictures goes to Memories_by_Vamsisai and 
Weddingtales_by_Danielraj. The pre wedding photo shoot pics totally capture the love and mood of the couple. Rishitha and Phani compliment each other and look lovely together.

Bride Rishitha’s floral jewellery and flower accessories are from Pellipoolajada. And her gold and other jewellery is from Pmj_jewels and Saashri_jewellers.

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