“Kshirasagara Madanam” or churning of ocean milk is a very interesting and enchanting tale in the Indian mythology. During the process of churning, many products erupted including the wish granting tree “Kalpavriksha”. Although it is a believed fact that kalpavriksha is identified with many trees, during the course of time, Indians have revered coconut as “kalpavriksha” for its usage and selfless nature. Every part of the coconut tree has become an integral part of Hindu weddings and is considered auspicious for beginnings.

Green coconuts are predominantly used in Telugu weddings during wedding mandapam entries. Gone are the days where decorations and adornments are done with artificial and plastic material. Brides and Grooms of 21st century have been conscious about their choices and are recognizing the need for eco-friendly products at each step. Today we bring to you some of our creative eco-friendly kobbari bondam designs.

Green coconut/tender coconut with the combination of flowers is appealing to the eyes and gives freshness to the look. Along with the rose petals, the beautifully weaved palm leaf completes the look. For someone looking for a modern touch in the design, this is highly recommended.

There is an inexplicable aura in the items that have divine carvings. This laxmi devi kobbari bondam has a beauty and vibe that can’t escape our eyes. With panchaloha vigraham of laksmi devi in the centre, the sides with rose-white flowers beautifully arranged and tip with palm leaf carvings is a special piece for a devout bride.

Kobbari bondam with flower accessories is probably the first of its kind of design. This design has rows of white flowers as droplets and rose petal flowers stitched on a string to enhance the look. The centre of the bondam is given a simple look with a kundan and white flowers surrounding it.

To the people who love grandeur in their look, they can go for this design without a second thought. The whole of bondam is covered in flower net and the upper part is designed with palm leaf weave and bright red rose on the tip.

Lord Vinakaya is the remover of all obstacles. This kind of Kobbari bondam is not just for the bride or groom but can be used during pujas, house warmings to perform puja as well as a decor item. The figure of lord Ganesh is sketched on the bondam and garland is adorned to it as an offering.

Last but not the least is the kobbari bondam designed with flowers in various ways. You can see the flower net, rose petals, whole roses and a bunch of décor flowers.

These are just the few of various designs we have created. You can get the customized designs as per your taste, colours and requirements from us.